Трейды ботов
Содержимое кейса
Jade Talon
Gladiator's Revenge
Bloodstained Britches
Crazed Tassels of the Black Death
Writ of the Royal Butcher
Bindings of the Trapper
Scorching Talon
Helm of Tarrasque
Axe of the Black Death Executioner
Mask of the Mad Harvester
Hunter's Jacket of the Trapper
Hydrakan Latch
Taunt: RazorFlip!
Kindred of the Umizar Crawler
Inscribed Dark Reef Escape
Genuine Pale Edge
Genuine The Golden Barb of Skadi
Golden Hydrakan Latch
Infused Helm of the Umizar Crawler
Familiars of Glorious Inspiration
Taunt: The Master Juggles
Magus Apex
Sempiternal Revelations Hat
Sempiternal Revelations Belt
Sempiternal Revelations Cape
Dark Artistry Hair
Inscribed Cadenza Magic Master
Robe of the Raikage Warrior
Corridan Maestro
Infused Garb of the Corridan Maestro
Heavenly General
The Lightning Orchid