Трейды ботов
Содержимое кейса
Inscribed Draining Wight
The Andestian Sentinel
The King's New Journey
Midnight Terror
Mega-Kills: Rick and Morty
deadmau5 dieback music pack
Announcer: Rick and Morty
Bloodstained Britches
Righteous Thunderbolt
Gleaming Seal
Baby Roshan
Auspicious Scythe of Vyse
Taunt: You Prefer Arrows?
Blotto and Stick
The Watcher Below
Form of the Great Grey
Helm of the Static Lord
Primal Form of the Tentacular Timelord
Rising Chaos
Announcer: Pyrion Flax
Effigy Block of Frost
Taunt: RazorFlip!
Messenger of the Azure Constellation
The International 2016 Music Pack
Mega-Kills: Nature's Prophet
The International 2016 Multikill Banner
Tory the Sky Guardian
Prison Buckler
Mercurial's Call
Crown of Tears
Crimson Pique
Peregrine Flight
Basher of Mage Skulls
Jade Talon
Helm of the Primeval Predator
Style of the Battleranger
Shade of Anguish
Dragonterror Sword